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In our podcasts our wellness team favors the “Many Roads Leading To Rome Approach.” We support your individual way to meet your goals and elevate your choices.
Together we cover widespread backgrounds, from psychology to creative expression, and everything between.  As certified coaches and authors of our own methods, we focus on solutions, ease of life and wellness. When you work with your choice of coach you have access to the expertise of all.

Meet The Team: 


Dr. Joen Painter offers hidden insights about health, relationships, healing and business affairs, guiding the client through difficult situations with ease. Due to her past function as CEO of hundreds of employees, she understands the intricacies of relationships. Joen has been successfully coaching about holistic health since 1989.  Dr. Joen’s specializes in divorce recovery, along with its accompanying financial difficulties. She helps revive businesses that are circling the drain. Joen’s gift is to recognize the strength and talent in individuals to such an extent that many are motivated to write and publish their life story. Contact Dr. Painter www.drjoen.com  or email: jotihealth@yahoo.com


Hillary F. Brown is specialized in love and romantic relationships, coaching overcoming the hurdles of self-criticism and self-evaluation. “I am guiding my clients to first build their self-confidence and discover their self-love before charting for their big endeavor of romantic love with another. From my experience as a coach this first step is paramount since LOA dictates that we attract what we feel. I use this same principle for the attraction of financial abundance. I got interested in the topics of money, dating relationships and love, because my background has been in the TV/movie industry and I have experienced and witnessed too many dating and financial dramas on steroids.”  Visit: http://hillaryfbrown.com/
Call or Text Hillary at 818.588.5734 or email HillaryBrownLOA@gmail.com

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Michaell Magrutsche coaches for over 25 years. ”My mastery is in finding YOUR individual strengths/talents or essence and build on that foundation. “I found that most problems arise from feeling disconnected of “who we are”. The moment you are connected to your Self, Life becomes an exiting adventure. Discover Your Essence and find your Life Passions through Inspired Action vs. Required Action. I believe in a good fit with my clients, therefore, I offer a free test session before we go on the path together”. For further information, to receive a coaching package or pricing please send and email with your request to:

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Office: 323.596.0845                     email: michaell@michaellm.com

                   Michaell coaches in English and German

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