Staying or Leave a Relationship?

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Should we stay or should we go? What happens when we question our relationships to such an extent? Dr. Pat Allen suggests a simple formula. When 51% of the relationship is good stay. Everything under 50% leave. There is no right answer, but my colleagues Dr. Joen Painter and Hillary F. Brown and myself have created a simple and quick clarity exercise. Our podcast reveals how twisted it all can be when considering pet peeves. Enjoy, and let us know what you think. Listen to the podcast click here.

Relationship Evaluation Process: Going through this process gives you more insights on your relationship than just reacting from your feelings.
1. Write down everything that you like(d) and made you connect in this relationship.
2. Add all additional positive traits since that initial time.
3. Write down everything that you currently dislike about this relationship.
4. Cross out positive issues that are not valid anymore  and delete your pet peeves from what you don’t like in the relationship.
5. Now compare positives and negatives and feel and assess positive vs. negative in percent.