Since you have found your way to this page, I can only assume that the topic of sex has peaked your interest and that means your behavior is normal and healthy. Two billion search results for “sex” in Google say so. Like humans, sex is intricate.

Sex Coaching

Why am I not clear about sex? Sadly, questions that should be rare are common. When, if and how do I express my sexual desires?  How many orgasms are “normal?”  What sexual acts or fetishes are acceptable? What’s “dirty?”  At what point are you seen as a “slut?” Because sex is so inherent to the human condition, governments and religions have used and abused it to influence people over such a long time, that we have forgotten the function/meaning of sex beyond procreation.


Perfect + Sex = No Sex: When humans don’t know what to do, they usually try to become perfect, but trying to be perfect in sex creates stress and hardship which is the antidote to a sexual act. All these contradictions make us is unsure about our feelings of what sex is good or bad. Maybe it’s that you not sure of your own sexuality, your level of sexual knowledge or acceptance, or you just want to become more comfortable with sex as a whole.

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Questions you want to ask yourself: What would good sex be for me? What about that sex would make it feel so good, the pleasure, the intimacy or both? Now the million dollar question…Do you experience this kind of sex currently, and if not, do you want to? If you do, I can help you understand yourself good enough to get there with ease! With all this confusion about sex, interestingly, the solution to get yourself to enjoy sex is fairly easy once you surrender to the fact that there is no “right way” in sex for everyone.


How can sex be more fulfilling for you: What we will uncover together is what you really want vs. what you experience. Communicating and understanding your and if applicable, your partners needs, wants and individual preferences, finding the point of connection to create safety that leads to a truly intimate and pleasurable connection.

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Together we will explore questions like: What do I really like sexually and why?  Where are my boundaries of what feels good to me both emotionally and physically? When and how do I actually allow myself to embrace those things in sex? What is preventing me from getting the experience that I want? The way to finding those answers and understanding partner and gender differences will make sex a safe and pleasurable experience you look forward to.

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Sex Is The Big Reveal: Perhaps because I grew up in Europe, and/or from discovering these things for myself,  I have found what many have experienced; sex can be from awkward to extremely fulfilling. This huge difference peeked my interest about the subject. I am not only extremely passionate about the human condition but sex is a “magical” arena, where most of us become emotionally naked and can’t hide their real Self.


Understanding = Sexual Fulfillment: To deliver greater depth, understanding and value for my clients that go beyond intercourse through our sessions I will coach you to realize your sexual programming to being able to diversify what you really want in a sexual relationship and how you can communicate your preferences without shame and embarrassment. I want you to find the true you that is a confident sex partner that enjoys giving and receiving this wonderful gift of pleasure.  I look forward to helping you uncover your experience with this joy and what it could means to you.

Let’s get started and (together) we can create a path to a more sexually and spiritually fulfilled YOU!

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