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What Does A Life Coach Do? If you are unsure about what a Life Coach does and why to use one please click here.

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Phone vs. Live Sessions?  I conduct the majority of my coaching via telephone. My Method is generally more effective over the phone, because people feel safer and more comfortable in their own environment. AND it saves you time. 

Should I Take Notes?  Unless you indicate otherwise, I record our conversations and email them to you after our call.

Why Record Sessions?  The reason for taping is that it frees you from taking notes and allows you to concentrate more on the issues at hand instead of trying to write everything down.  It also allows us to explore deeper or more complex issues when just focused on listening.


What Should I Do With Recordings?  I recommend that you listen to each tape twice. Make notes about ideas and issues which you feel are important. Prior to our upcoming session, review your notes to get additional answers to questions that might have come up. This time-saving process helps you achieve clarity more rapidly.  

How Do I Gain The Greatest Benefit From Our Sessions?  Upon re-listening to a previous session, most clients are surprised by how much information has been related.  Much of this information is tailored specifically to you. When you listen, you will become aware of how you react to certain situations, making the process more valuable to you.

On the Phone

How Often Do I Have To Schedule An Appointment?  My goal is to provide you with the knowledge you need, when you need it. In general, I work with my clients more frequently at the beginning.  After 2 to 4 sessions, I coach my clients only when situations arise.  Usually, I won’t recommend more than two sessions a week to more organically integrate the information.  I try to work with my clients in short, intensive sessions. My goal is to resolve or at least bring enough clarity about the prevalent issue before completing each session. I prefer that the client makes their own choice on how many sessions they want based on their desire to grow emotionally.

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