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MIchaell’s path through peaks and valleys:  “I am not like many other people.  I was a sick child until I was in my twenties. Unsuccessfully, I went from doctor to doctor and tried all and any alternative forms of healing available.  I later realized that as soon as I got that I was the one that is responsible for my health I found solutions to get well.  I grew up in Vienna Austria and knew in grade school that I wanted to go to America.  I ended up building a TV production company in California, got married and everything was “perfect” till the next wave hit.   I suddenly became lethargic, had increasingly less energy and felt blue to not be able to function.  I fortunately found out I had extreme sleep apnea. As soon as I felt back to normal, my wife was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer, I stayed with her and she got well, but we had to live on debt and that drove us into bankruptcy, then they stole my car, we had to move and got divorced.  All that in within about four years.  It was so bizarre that it felt like I am in an episode of The Twilight Zone. Interestingly, I did not start drinking or taking drugs.  I did not go crazy with irresponsible behavior, nor felt I needed to end my life, BUT I realized because of making all the “right” decisions, I could handle these tragedies with a beautiful grace.”


Why could I make the right choices in extreme crises situations?  I was always interested in human behavior from advertising and marketing strategies in business school to every self realization classes you could think of.  I wanted to become more aware.  I saw with the success of my physical health, what a clearer perspective, the understanding of what is “really going on” and changing my false perceptions can do.  My drive was the inner knowing that there is more out there than meets the eye.  I discovered that clarity, my perception and perspective of life are a key to life working or not.  Knowing and understanding your own emotions and thoughts were the catalysts to a positive resolve of all my issues. I.e. Having worked in almost all fields of art, my art blogging catapulted me into the top 10% of reviewed profiles of LinkedIn’s over 200 million members in 2012.


Have I been given a “gift” to see life contexts clearer than others or not?  Seeing the big picture without losing my current focus which I found in hindsight that this blessing helped me going through life issues with little crises.  I am perhaps one of a few people that can say considering the circumstances I made very wise choices all along and have no regrets.  I always coached other people and friends.  The clarity that I provided for others was pretty much on point and delivered great results. Since it was so easy for me to know “the right next move”, I thought why. How did I know, and why do so many others make choices that ultimately don’t work for them.  I thought about, do I have a talent of making the “right” choice or am I doing something in particular differently than others.  What I found was enlightening.  The answer is both. Perhaps I was initially more talented, but discovering how I did what I did, I discovered that everyone can access their inner wisdom, because it is primarily a skill that without “reinventing the wheel” can be taught with ease. My method is called HEIP, the “Harnessing Emotional Intelligence Process” and it works. Read what clients said about this process here.

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