Meditation How To


Lay down or sit. Close your eyes. And watch yourself what goes on with you. Are you impatient? Do you think you are doing it wrong? Relax, you can’t. Most importantly, watch your thoughts. Let it just blabber on and listen what your thoughts are saying. This allowing of blabber will relax you and it will sooner or later stop. Then you fall asleep or you  get great ideas or will have interesting thoughts. That’s it. Just surrender and watch what happens. That’s it and everyone can do it. There is no right way to meditate. Especially for beginners,  if your mind has been running during the meditation, don’t worry, your nonphysical Self (subconscious, unconscious)  knows your intent to relax, let go, energize, balance etc.  It is through practicing meditating that you will find YOUR way and then meditation will become part of your life. Life should be easy by being in flow.  Use meditation to keep you in, or get back into flow. Meditation allows your physical Self to catch up and align with your non physical Self.  Google the benefits of meditation. You will be surprised. Let me know how you did.

Meditation Shortcut: If you quickly want to get into meditation mode I usually recommend buying Paul Schiele’s 10-Minute Supercharger Parlaiminal meditation (money back guarantee). I suggest to put this meditation on your iphone and when you get your energy lows just take a 10 minute break and you will be amazed what 10 minutes can do. You can use that 10 minute guided meditation as often as you feel.