We Do Everything For Happiness

person smiling

Happiness is the bottom-line of all you do and all your desires. What you choose to do comes from you believing it will make you feel happier. I.e. You want this sports car to show your wild side, to feel young again, to be happier. Whatever it is you choose to do, loving or hurting someone, you believe, ultimately, it will make you happier. THE RUB: Society taught you feeling uncomfortable or ambiguous  bad is a “bad thing. ”By adding this judgment when feeling bad you feel worse. It is human to want to feel happy. Condemning feeling uncomfortable or bad is inhuman. It is essential to understand, feeling ambiguous or uncomfortable lets you know that you are not on YOUR right track. SOLUTION: Go and look for another way or thought that feels better. You got to go down on a trampoline in order to get height. Next time when feeling bad, think “trampoline” and look forward to getting happier and feeling better.