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I always appreciate feedback in order to continuously assess and improve my method.  Below are some comments of my clients.

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How Michaell Got Me Out Of My Midlife Rut Into My New Midlife Dream. After a wonderful life raising my two boys and finally getting them into college, I was overcome with a feeling of falling in a hole without a bottom. Michaell explained that he had a similar experience and it took him about a year to figure out that our dreams run their course. He made it clear to me that once you finish/ complete your dreams, in my case, raising a family and being a good mother and wife, it was time to create a new dream for myself. This time, not being a mother, but a new dream that inspires and fulfills me and will add to my life experience like my previous dream did. I realized, I had about 30 more years to be productive and I needed to search for my new purpose. Michaell guided me though specific processes to become self aware and I realized the oddest thing. Raising my children, even though an experience that I did not want to have been without, was not really my first dream. I just choose it because society supported this dream more than the one I really wanted, being an theater actress. I went back to acting school and my career stated to take off. When I told my friends about creating a new midlife dream, most told me they never thought about such thing and followed my lead. We are now a bunch of happy ladies thanks to Michaell’s guidance.
Thanks for your wisdom, Sandra

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What I Have Been Taught by Michaell.  The most important insight I gained from the talks with Michaell was that there is only one human on this earth that can take responsibility for me and that person is me. Perhaps this sounds logical, but often the reality looks different. At least, I found that instead of being really honest with myself, it was much easier to make other people responsible for a situation and manipulating them into taking responsibly, or simply view myself as a victim. Admittedly, I was not conscious of that fact before.  

Here is an example: For years I was suffering with chronic dermatitis. I always thought that all I could do was keep looking for the best or newest doctor/healer and for the latest treatment and follow the suggestions and therapies until something worked.  I was under the impression that one day, I would find a practitioner who would have the solution to finally will heal me.  I was not aware that by adopting this attitude, I had already surrendered my responsibility and, therefore, success never followed.

Michaell’s process made it clear to me that the power in this case to heal or allow the healing only resides in yourself.  The belief that you can just purchase your healing and have someone else do it for you is simply wrong, because in doing that you, give up your responsibility to the healer/doctor who, in reality, can only facilitate the healing.

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Anyway, in our telephone conversations, Michaell often explains it like it is, which is not always what you expect to hear, but really opens your eyes.  His objective and straightforward questions have helped me to see my “victim” role and made me recognize the power of his method.

How am I doing today?   First, I have conquered my skin disease which gives me a whole new quality of life as a woman, and second, his principles of responsibility also apply to other parts of my life, like love and work in which I have already reaped successes.  I’ve also grown, not in inches, but in wisdom of life.
Thanks Michaell,  Hannah

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Help When I Need It.   I have no time for a shrink any more. Mike makes it short and easy with the telephone calls and he sends the recordings right away.  If you want the truth that opens your eyes so you can change, he is the right person. Great work Michaell.
Thank you,  Martin

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Michaell, You Saved My Life.   The Universe was generous in my hour of extreme need and brought me Michaell.  Michaell was the first person to find my pile of ashes.  He cleared them away, reached out his hand, helped me brush off my wings, guided me through my shock, helped me open my eyes and inspired me to fly again.  Since then, I have been souring.     Sincerely, and with love and peace, Manuela, Your Grateful Phoenix


Like An Objective Friend…   Let’s see, I feel with Michaell that there is a comfortableness and ease that helps communicating and truly being myself so easy.… Michaell really cares & brings out the inner feelings in a person…. I like the questions he asks which are ALWAYS thought provoking & interesting and deeper than what others would ask. I always feel a sense of release…. Sometimes I cry a lot, which is so cleansing. My perception of my own life & how I feel about others is more present & I am also more objective.  I see my potential and Michaell has helped me in several ways, from being the best I can be to going for what I want & need.
Love,  Kirsten

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Solutions R Us… The one thing I love about Michaell’s coaching is he always finds a solution. He allows you to see obstacles that have preventing you from achieving your goals. After coaching with Michaell, I now stand in my Power rather than allowing others to take my Power. Thank you Michaell, you are amazing.
Thank you Michaell, Linda

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