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Michaell is an Artist: Having worked in almost all fields of art, my art blog catapulted me into the top 10% of reviewed profiles of LinkedIn’s over 200 million members in 2012.  I am one of those as-long-as-I-can-remember artists and see myself as a kind of art scientist, see  Being an artist and coach always worked out very well for me. Doing both keeps me more objective and clear about both of my passions, humans and human creativity. Michaell’s Art Blog.  I have been involved with art in one form or another; from being a disc jockey to producing fashion shows, to producing/ directing/ screenwriting international television programs for 20 years, to finally arrive at creating music and paintings.” I was born in Vienna, Austria, growing up in my home with its collection of art by my uncle, the famous Austrian painter, the late Adolf Frohner. Currently, I work in my new home-studio in Newport Beach  where I hold open-studio exhibitions, seminars and lectures with guest artists, painters, musicians and writers.


For years, I am coaching artists on how to tune in to their source and guide them to express those “source expressions” as good as possible. Today, an artist learns technique, theory and art history. Which all have their place. Unless you want to work in a museum or auction house those skills don’t further your artistic expression. The key to be a fulfilled artist is finding your artistic personality and discover its nuances.  Writers block is basically a disconnect from that artistic personality/ Self. 


Who Are You Artistically?  I guide you to discover what and who your artistic personality is. Then, how to access your essence/ artistic personality/ soul expressions. Often the reason some artists suffer from addiction is because on their way to their high or from it, by accident, connected with their artistic essence and plugged into, what artists call the flow. When flow happens, everything starts firing. Most often you achieve astonishing results. You forget time and space and are purely in your process of creation.  Discovering and refining of who you are artistically, like your human personality, help you to connect to patrons and art connoisseurs more powerfully.


Getting High Does Not Work: In my experience with artists, none has reported to get into flow more than 2-3 times in total through substance abuse. Miles Davis and many others called their drug days the most uncreative times. The point is, in order to capture the YOU, you better be conscious when flow hits because you need clarity to transfer the results onto the medium. I will show you how. 

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