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Are You A Sloppy Thinker?

Life Coach Michaell Magrutsche explains sloppy positive/negative thinking and what can solutions can be used for a better lifeCan’t you remember when you got a new car, and all of a sudden, you see the same car everywhere. We see what we focus OR don’t focus on. The same happens with our thoughts/feelings. Positive thoughts/feelings attract more positive thoughts/feelings, which in turn confirm to you a life that is more positive, therefore make you think more positive thoughts and so on… Negative thoughts/feelings  Continue reading

Meditation How To

ht_harvey_stein_sleeping_man_2_nt_120118Lay down or sit. Close your eyes. And watch yourself what goes on with you. Are you impatient? Do you think you are doing it wrong? Relax, you can’t. Most importantly, watch your thoughts. Let it just blabber on and listen what your thoughts are saying. This allowing of blabber will relax you and it will sooner or later stop. Then you fall asleep or you  Continue reading