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Forget New Years Resolutions

MichaellM.comFORGET NEW-YEARS-RESOLUTIONS. DO ONE MEDITATION INSTEAD. Christy Whitman, one of my teachers’ meditation is a yearly event. Most of you know that new-years-resolutions don’t work. Starting something new only works when the inspiration comes from within, instead of a calender date. Try this short meditation. It will probably do much more for you than any new-years-resolution. Christy’s New Years Mediation.
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Deserving & Success

Success“Everyone deserves, as we’ve so often said. If deserving were the cause of success, then everyone would be successful. Deserving doesn’t cause… willingness does.” Lazaris.  It is so true. Does the president of the United States deserve to be president more than the average business owner? No. Everyone deserves what they want, but most are not willing to have it, Continue reading

How To Find What You Really Want:

LifeCoachingHOW TO FIND WHAT YOU REALLY WANT: Oddly, we humans know to the smallest detail what we don’t want, but when ask what we do want we stutter. The best way to find “what you truly want,” is discovered in “what you don’t want.” Try this, either for a section of your life like relationship, job, business, or for your life as a whole: 1. write down everything you don’t want or fear, till you have nothing left. 2. Make a new list by turning the first list all into positives. Continue reading