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Forget New Years Resolutions

MichaellM.comFORGET NEW-YEARS-RESOLUTIONS. DO ONE MEDITATION INSTEAD. Christy Whitman, one of my teachers’ meditation is a yearly event. Most of you know that new-years-resolutions don’t work. Starting something new only works when the inspiration comes from within, instead of a calender date. Try this short meditation. It will probably do much more for you than any new-years-resolution. Christy’s New Years Mediation.
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Self Observation – Your Key to Ease of Life

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The most rewarding, but intricate thing in life is to overcome the fear of looking at yourself, not in a comparing or self-critical, but in a new, self-observing way. It’s similar to meeting yourself as being another person for the first time. Look at yourself and open up to see the whole of you. Stop comparing, not because it is worry-some, but it does not work. Everyone is different, no exceptions. See the things you like, dislike, what you display and hide, force them all into the light, not to evaluate or judge but to feel. Evaluating Self as good or bad is an easy cop-out that does not work because it prevents you from feeling. Instead, you want to feel consciously, observe and understand who you are and why without evaluating. Integrating self-observation into our routines, eases our life and helps prevent us from bumping into “obstacles.” Meditation is one of the most powerful facilitators of self-observation. Please push LIKE if you enjoy what your read and share with your friends.

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Meditation How To

ht_harvey_stein_sleeping_man_2_nt_120118Lay down or sit. Close your eyes. And watch yourself what goes on with you. Are you impatient? Do you think you are doing it wrong? Relax, you can’t. Most importantly, watch your thoughts. Let it just blabber on and listen what your thoughts are saying. This allowing of blabber will relax you and it will sooner or later stop. Then you fall asleep or you  Continue reading