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What’s Going On Right Now?!?

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Is it good or is it bad? It seems nothing in our world is black and white, right or wrong.  Recessions aren’t recessions. Business isn’t business anymore. Even friendships  have different dynamics these days. Humans are creatures of habit. When things change or, in our current situation, the world changes, we get anxious and frightened. If a burglar wakes you up at night – you are afraid. If you are afraid, does not mean a burglar is in your house. If you know the noise that wakes you up is just the wind, you can go back to bed. Know that everyone and everything is currently changingfor the better, but we can’s see it yet. Focusing on what works can keep us in our seat on our ride to the next destination called “A New World.” Focus on what is working also helps let go of self ridicule, self judgement, dread and fear. This is what my friend Lazaris said about understanding what’s going on currently. “Everything is different now. You are growing and changing in a new way. Consider … your past and current failures were not and are not regression: They were and are means to a wiser, more fruitful path taking you in new directions that lead to greater happiness, greater success, and greater peace.” Lazaris

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What Does A Coach Does & When To Use One?

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The goal of a life coach is to first find what is working within you and for you, then build on that Real Foundation.  A Coach does not teach you his/her own paths to success. A Life Coach helps defining the You in you to establish Your Clarity and Focus of what You really want.  A Coach supports you staying in that clarity and focus until reaching your destination.   A Life/Wellness Coach is like a friend that is neutral and his/her only agenda is your ease and well-being on your way to your goals.  The proof that you have found YOUR way is that you experience “Inspired Action”. This means, you don’t have to force yourself into your success. Instead, you are getting naturally drawn into your wants by taking action that is fueled by the feeling that you can get there. You are inspired. A life coach’s strength is to support clients finding themselves and build on that foundation organically.
Reasons To Use A Life Coach: Having a sounding board for your dreams and solutions. Helping define your dreams and guides you to move forward. Helping recognize what to do to move forward with greater momentum and clarity of vision.  Finally, having a partner helps you doing more than you would on your own.
I know I have the right Life Coach:  “I feel at ease. Now, my attitude changed to reflect my goals. I feel better every day.  I see results in my daily life. I feel clarity about my life situations.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am Empowered.” Send me and email for a free session.

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