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What’s Going On Right Now?!?

Michaell Magrutsche quoteIs it good or is it bad? It seems nothing in our world is black and white, right or wrong.  Recessions aren’t recessions. Business isn’t business anymore. Even friendships  have different dynamics these days. Humans are creatures of habit. When things change or, in our current situation, the world changes, we get anxious and frightened. If a burglar wakes you up at night – you are afraid. If you are afraid, does not mean a burglar is in your house. Continue reading

What Does A Coach Does & When To Use One?

couple talking asianThe goal of a life coach is to first find what is working within you and for you, then build on that Real Foundation.  A Coach does not teach you his/her own paths to success. A Life Coach helps defining the You in you to establish Your Clarity and Focus of what You really want.  A Coach supports you staying in that clarity and focus until  Continue reading