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Forget New Years Resolutions

MichaellM.comFORGET NEW-YEARS-RESOLUTIONS. DO ONE MEDITATION INSTEAD. Christy Whitman, one of my teachers’ meditation is a yearly event. Most of you know that new-years-resolutions don’t work. Starting something new only works when the inspiration comes from within, instead of a calender date. Try this short meditation. It will probably do much more for you than any new-years-resolution. Christy’s New Years Mediation.
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Holidays Unstressed – You, Your Partner & Families

Image Michaellart.comIn this episode Michaell Magrutsche, Dr Joen Painter and Hillary F. Brown discuss guilt-trips around family obligations during the Holiday-season.  When a spouse’s family does not approve. The one person that seemingly always ruins the party. The judgement of each other. The yearly review and crazy play of new years resolutions.   We give our opinions, tell our own situations and how to handle them most elegantly. Listen to this 12min Podcast  click here