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What’s Going On Right Now?!?

Michaell Magrutsche quote

Is it good or is it bad? It seems nothing in our world is black and white, right or wrong.  Recessions aren’t recessions. Business isn’t business anymore. Even friendships  have different dynamics these days. Humans are creatures of habit. When things change or, in our current situation, the world changes, we get anxious and frightened. If a burglar wakes you up at night – you are afraid. If you are afraid, does not mean a burglar is in your house. If you know the noise that wakes you up is just the wind, you can go back to bed. Know that everyone and everything is currently changingfor the better, but we can’s see it yet. Focusing on what works can keep us in our seat on our ride to the next destination called “A New World.” Focus on what is working also helps let go of self ridicule, self judgement, dread and fear. This is what my friend Lazaris said about understanding what’s going on currently. “Everything is different now. You are growing and changing in a new way. Consider … your past and current failures were not and are not regression: They were and are means to a wiser, more fruitful path taking you in new directions that lead to greater happiness, greater success, and greater peace.” Lazaris

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Creativity – Acting vs. Story vs. Structure vs. Audience

Creativity Coach Michaell Magrutsche explains Story vs Acting

Playing with a story structure by jumping timelines is confusing enough and mostly used when there are holes in the story or to explain the inexplicable.  The newest thing, next to extensively shifting timelines, BBC overwhelms by adding sequences of different imagined realities of Sherlock to thicken the plot.  If it was not for the great acting and buzz of the show, people would trash Sherlock for being incomprehensible. In Sherlock’s case the 3rd season has become just a tricky mind game to keep viewers engaged. It forces viewers to be the sleuth of the story line not how to solve clever crime(s). Actually, in this 3rd season crimes are a ruse. The 1st episode focused on the variation of a theme of how Sherlock faked his death. The 2nd episode was a simple and convoluted reveal about how to kill someone with a spike in a belt. In the final and 3rd,  Johns love uses the most far fetched way to ask Sherlock for help by attempting to kill him. Having the audience trying to understand the story telling weakens even with those simplistic plots, because viewers are expecting more that is simply not there and the “wow” factor of season 1 is gone.

Subconsciously, we know we have been tricked into a goose chase without the goose. Filmmakers can’t just rely on superb acting skills and we know the best can’t save a bad script.  Solution: If you don’t have an intricate story at least make us aware with B&W dream scenes (producers have done this before) to give clarity. To explain a character, I would use refined emotional intelligence knowledge, instead of showing us what he/she is imagining. I love Sherlock 1 & 2 but season 3 is not about the viewer, but instead written to elevate BBC’s Sherlock brand minus the viewer in mind. If BBC will invest in good stories instead of  just focus on the actors this show has still life left.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)


Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is knowing about the human condition, the properties of emotions and the sensing and translating of feelings and how they function and relate to what works and does not in your life. Don’t sweat it, you are doing it all day every day. Why? Because all human motivations are based on the believe that they will lead us  or make us happy. I.e. I buy this car-A instead of that car-B, because I feel it is car-A is better and that will make me happier than the other car-B.  Intelligence that is based on facts and cause and effect is less and less important due to the overwhelming information delivery from the internet. To gauge if the information works for you, you need your emotions of what feels right or better.

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