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How To Find What You Really Want:


HOW TO FIND WHAT YOU REALLY WANT: Oddly, we humans know to the smallest detail what we don’t want, but when ask what we do want we stutter. The best way to find “what you truly want,” is discovered in “what you don’t want.” Try this, either for a section of your life like relationship, job, business, or for your life as a whole: 1. write down everything you don’t want or fear, till you have nothing left. 2. Make a new list by turning the first list all into positives. Examples, I don’t like to drive to work during rush hour. – It would be nice, if I had a job where I have flexible hours to avoid rush hours. I don’t like to be disrespected. – It would be nice, if everyone had mutual respect I come in contact with. 3. Add any other things you knew you wanted before you started this process. d. Throw away the list with the I don’t wants and condense and tweak the list to make it sound right for you. 4. Let go of focussing onto “what you don’t want.” Instead, start focusing on “what you want” by reading your want every morning and evening to keep you on track. Adjust the list if it feels outdated or you discover new wants. You will be amazed what this little change of focus will do in your life. Here is a 3 minute video that shows how life altering it is knowing what you really want.

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