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Creativity – Acting vs. Story vs. Structure vs. Audience

Creativity Coach Michaell Magrutsche explains Story vs ActingPlaying with a story structure by jumping timelines is confusing enough and mostly used when there are holes in the story or to explain the inexplicable.  The newest thing, next to extensively shifting timelines, BBC overwhelms by adding sequences of different imagined realities of Sherlock to thicken the plot.  If it was not for the great acting and buzz of the show, Continue reading

Know Your Creativity And Why

Michaellart_Creativity1CREATIVITY: If you don’t have a creative outlet, you might want to try finding yours. Like physical activity, creativity is a major human need, suppressing creative expression is leading to expressions that are much less fun like creating drama or hardship. In addition, creativity detracts in a pleasant way, without numbing, from your daily stress allowing you to balance your non physical with your physical part that is you.