Your Personal Coach Michaell Magrutsche:  “I am an accountable partner, confidant and coach that cheers for you from the sidelines of your life; guiding you to refine your goals and supporting you to understanding how you can get what you want.”

Got Wisdom? Over the past 25 years of coaching, teaching and consulting, I have found that “not getting what you want” and “feeling unfulfilled” are caused by the lack of understanding or misinterpreting of one’s emotions. In our evolution we have somehow lost wisdom. My method HEIP (Harnessing Emotional Intelligence Process) guides one back to one’s emotional wisdom and helps understanding emotional interplays.

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Michaell’s HEIP Method: Based on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) combined with Law of Attraction Principles (LOA) and Business Coaching, it is YOUR Key to resolving all life-issues and clarifying your unique interplay with the world. It has shown to deliver contentiously the truest results in resolving all life-issues. From relationships, creative blocks, to finding the right solutions to any of your problems, HEIP is the key to deliver solutions fast. No matter what you run into. You will be able to make the right decisions for you AND it will feel right when you make it.

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The Key Is Emotional Intelligence: Emotional intelligence is the ability to distinguish the meanings of one’s thoughts in conjunction with the accompanying emotions like gut feelings, uneasiness, intuitions, AND understand their functions. This skill combined with Law of Attraction principles gives you increasingly the ability to act appropriately, instead of reacting purely instinctively or solely based on logic.

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What Do You Get? Results Right Now! I help you discover your dreams and what it is that you really want. I am an accountable partner in guiding you defining your goals and reaching them. In every session you not just gain understanding of your issues but you learn the skill to handle future hurdles when they show up. Your inner clarity and seeing your reality more objectively, through understanding will help you better live a better quality of life. The skills I teach consequently lead to an ease of facing up and resolving your issues by yourself. This results in you to feel empowered by you new discovery of Self.

Next to understanding and helping you find YOUR TRUTH, I will prepare you to resolve most situations in your life elegantly with the fundamental Law of Attraction principles in action. I intend to come to a closing point that allows you to feel complete after every session and ready to focus on your goal at hand.
I enjoy and have shown successful results in all areas, but my passion for discovery lead me to be specialized in:

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